Professional Banker Diploma

PBD - Professional Banker Diploma

The Professional Banker Diploma [PBD] is the next step for many in developing their banking career. Building on the Professional Banker module from the PBC, this opens up a range of wider banking disciplines for further study. The PBD is ideal for individuals who have some banking experience. It is also the next logical step for anyone who has attained credit through an Institute accredited bank programme. The qualification offers a wide range of subjects which allow you to follow specific interests to match your career aspirations and tailor your knowledge requirements.

Upon completion of the Professional Banker Diploma you will:

  • Become a Certificated Member of the Institute and become recognised as a member of the professional banking community.
  • Gain professional recognition by using the professional designation “Certificated Professional Banker”. Attaining this designation will help form a solid base for a successful career in the banking and financial services sector by making you stand out from the crowd.
  • Eligible to use the membership designation “CCIBS” with your name and enhance your professional recognition.
  • Eligible to download your annual “Certificate in Professionalism”. *
  • Enhance your professional development by having unlimited access to a wide range of CPD resources.
  • Develop insight and knowledge by having access to trusted information sources, such as our bi-monthly magazine and monthly newsletter.

*Subject to meeting your CPD requirements

The Professional Banker module costs £225. Each further module of study towards PBD costs £245. The module fee includes your course materials and your first exam entry fee. Exam resits cost £130 per module.

Recommended Study  
Up to 100 study hours per module.


  • 2hr online exam per module, comprising of 100 multiple choice questions.
  • Pass mark 60% per module.
  • Immediate exam results.

Your registration is valid for 12 months. You should sit and pass your module within this time.

In order to study the Professional Banker Diploma you must become a member of the Institute. This is subject to an appropriate membership fee. 

More information
For more information please contact our Membership Engagement Team on +44(0) 131 473 7777

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" I found the Professional Banker Diploma to be an excellent way of continuing my professional development and refreshing my knowledge. My next goal is to become an Associate Chartered Banker "

Nicholas G Winsor

Head of Remediation Management Office UK, HSBC Bank




To achieve the Professional Banker Diploma you must complete the compulsory module Professional Banker and two further modules from the selection below. Find out more about each individual module by clicking on the title. Please note that the enrolment period for each module is 12 months. We therefore recommend you do not apply for all your modules at once. If you need advice please contact us.

Compulsory Module

Professional Banker

Elective Modules

Banking Operations
Complaint Handling
Credit Union Principles and Practice
Introduction to Business Banking
Introduction to Credit
Introduction to Risk
Offshore Banking Practice  
Team Leadership in Financial Services


Yes, if:


  • you already have some banking experience. For example, you may have credit through an Institute accredited bank programme or have studied with another professional body.

If you are interested in studying towards the Professional Banker Diploma (PBD) you should also discuss with your line manager or learning & development contact to see whether training you have already completed may provide credit into the PBD programme. You should also discuss whether you might be eligible for funding by your employer.

You will be given a comprehensive workbook for each Professional Banker Diploma (PBD) module. You will also be given access to the Institute’s website where you can find more online support, including mock exams to help you revise.

View a sample of the learning material that is available to you: 
Professional Banker Diploma - Plastic and Electronic Banking (Chapter 6)

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Jack has worked in the banking sector for 4 years. Although he feels he has a good level of knowledge, he is keen to develop and demonstrate his technical knowledge and gain a recognised qualification. A colleague suggests that he completes the Professional Banker Diploma and says that some of the courses he attended may count towards credit for this diploma. Unfortunately, none of the training courses he had attended provide credit so Jack, completing the Professional Banker Diploma will involve completing the Professional Banker module and two other modules of his choice that match his career aspirations.