Adam Smith at the COP - The life and times of Adam Smith an interactive lecture

  • 10 November 2021
  • CPD Event
Event Details

An online event held by the Global Ethical Finance Initiative in partnership with Royal London and the Adam Smith Business School - University of Glasgow.

Part of our Path to COP26 campaign, ‘Adam Smith at the COP’ looks at the summit through the lens of Glasgow’s most famous academic son.

About this event

Just as the new economic age of Smith demanded new ways of thinking, so do the new realities posed by the climate crisis. We will take this chance to rethink our economic and financial system with experts from finance, academia, development and central banking.

The workstream includes an evening lecture series and performance in the University of Glasgow, where Smith studied and taught, as well as the publication of a unique series of opinions entitled “The Wealth of Nations in the 21st Century”. In this, a selection of experts update the chapters of Smith’s most famous work for the climate era.

The evening lectures, being held in person with an option to attend virtually, are inspired in part by the lecture series, and will feature some of the authors from the series.

Date & Schedule
Monday 8 November - Wednesday 10 November 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM GMT

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