Building Back Better – The City’s Role in a Green-Led Economic Recovery

  • 1 February 2021
  • CPD Event
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Solving climate change is not something that can be achieved overnight; it is a long journey, one that is complicated by the economic problems we face after Covid-19. 

Every industry has a role in not only helping the economy recover from the pandemic, but also ensuring that any recovery is green-led. 

The City of London is a world leader in ‘Green Finance’ and has an important role in helping the country – and the world – to ‘build back better’. Through supporting sustainable infrastructure and creating green financial products, the City – and the UK’s – financial and professional services can fight climate change and, at the same time, support economic growth. 

Join the Lord Mayor and a panel of experts, Mark Carney, Liv Garfield and Rhian-Mari Thomas, to find out more about how the City can help us transition to a sustainable and resilient future for all. 

Date & Schedule

Monday 1 February 2021

18:00 - 19:00 GMT

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