How to Improve Diversity of Thought and Respect?

  • 14 April 2021
  • CPD Event
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This webinar, delivered by the award winning learning and development company, ABSTRACT, has been researched and designed to provide an insightful backdrop for your people striving to create an inclusive modern-day environment for their people to not only survive, but to thrive! We see what we have perhaps always seen, but will now attempt to think what we have not yet thought about how we deliver our everyday business efforts through our people and beyond. We challenge our relationship with failure and how we take false comfort in those who are a stark resemblance of ourselves. We will learn that it pays to be more curious of others and realise the benefits of applying empathy whilst reserving judgement. Finally, by empowering all others to have a voice, we create an inclusive business that is significantly more sustainably productive and one that retains and attracts the best talent.

Webinar Objectives

  • To appreciate the value of diversity of thought and having respect for others.
  • To understand the key elements of delivering inclusive leadership.
  • To create an environment for everyone to regularly get involved and reach their potential.


David Nikolich, Managing Director

David is founder and Managing Director of ABSTRACT, a learning and development company operating with a number of global brands internationally. He has had extensive professional experience over the years, leading and driving businesses, ensuring that they have the right people, exuding the right behaviours and within the right environment, for the benefit of the Organisation’s goals and objectives. David has developed a highly-regarded reputation for his commercial acumen that has delivered superior and sustainable results for many organisations over more than two decades. Key to these successes is his deep understanding of human potential and how to realise our innate ability to deliver top results at the highest levels. Having had previous Corporate board experience, he currently sits on the board of ABSTRACT. He is also on the advisory board of Land Rover and is a former Committee member of the Prince’s Trust.

Date & Schedule

Wednesday 14 April 2021

12 to 1pm UK GMT

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