Important Information - Coronavirus Update

  • 24 February 2020

The safety and well-being of our members, students, staff and partners is of the utmost importance.  We are closely monitoring developments relating to coronavirus, therefore, and guidance and information issued by the World Health Organization, national governments and others.

The Institute is committed to supporting its members, students and partners in this difficult time. Please review the below information, and should you have any questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Study and Events

Chartered Banker Institute qualifications are delivered online, and attendance at seminars and/or Institute events is not required.  Members and students can continue to study safely at home or in the office, therefore.  We run a wide range of events throughout the year, both live and online.  We will continue to monitor the situation regarding live events, and offer an increasing range of webcasts and other events online – please see: for more information.

Assessment and Examinations

The Chartered Banker Institute moved away from traditional exam diets (where large numbers of candidates gather in a room on a set date) more than a decade ago.  Today, some of our qualifications – such as the Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership - are assessed via work-based assignments, which candidates complete in their own time and submit online for marking. Other, exam-based qualifications – such as the Professional Banker Certificate – are assessed on demand, and candidates choose a date and time to take their exam in one of approximately 5,000 test centres worldwide operated by our assessment partner Pearson VUE.  In addition, we offer a remote invigilation service which means candidates can take their exam at their home or office, at a time convenient to them.

If you are concerned about the risk of coronavirus and/or are planning to take an exam in mainland China, consider our remote invigilation option.

Our assessment partner Pearson VUE has issued the following, specific guidance for candidates in China and Singapore:

  • China

In accordance with local government guidance, our assessment partner Pearson VUE have temporarily closed their mainland China test centres.  Centres are expected to remain closed until the end of March. For candidates in China wishing to take Chartered Banker Institute exams, we offer a remote invigilation service which means you can take your exam, as planned, either at home or at work.  Please see here, for a short video on how remote invigilation works.

  • Singapore

Following guidance from the Singapore Government, our assessment partner Pearson VUE are conducting temperature checks and collecting travel information on candidates entering its test centres in Singapore.  They have issued the following instructions for candidates:

  • If you are unwell or, have travelled to China in the last 14 days, please reschedule your exam, or use our remote invigilation service.
  • If you are exhibiting symptoms upon entering the test centre, you will be asked to wear a mask or take your test in a separate room.
  • If you have a fever above 37.5oC, you will not be allowed entry into the test centre and will be asked to reschedule your exam.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study online?

Yes – all of the Chartered Banker Institute’s qualifications can be studied fully online.  You can communicate and interact with tutors, and other Institute members and students via online discussion forums and participate in webcasts and other online events if you wish.

Will I have to travel to take my exam?

No – not if you don’t want to.  Some Chartered Banker Institute qualifications (e.g. the Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership) are assessed via work-based assignments, which you complete yourself and submit online for marking.  Other qualifications (e.g. the Professional Banker Diploma and Green Finance Certificate) are assessed by exam.  Exams can be taken in one of more than 5,000 exam centres worldwide, or – if there is not an exam centre near you or you don’t want to travel – via remote invigilation from your home or office. 

How does remote invigilation work?

Remote invigilation means you take your exam at your home or office, at a time convenient to you.  To ensure exam security, you will be invigilated via your webcam.  To take advantage of our remote invigilation service, you will need to have a quiet space at home or work, with a secure internet connection where you will be able to take your exam.  Please see here for a short video on how remote invigilation works.

Please note that due to the large increase in demand for online exams, there will occasionally be up to a 30 minute delay in starting an exam. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Should I postpone my exam?

If you have completed your coursework and feel ready to take your exam, no.  If you are concerned about travelling or visiting an exam centre, then you can use our remote invigilation option to take your exam at your home or office, at a time convenient to you. Please check the Pearson VUE website for updates on exam centre openings. and guidelines that you will need to follow.