What is a Chartered Banker?

Chartered Banker status is the gold standard for professionals working in the banking sector. Holders of the title are recognised as highly qualified, professionals with a detailed knowledge of the modern banking sector and its ethical and professional requirements.

If you wish to become eligible for Chartered Banker status, in addition to your technical banking knowledge, you will need to demonstrate your commitment to:

  • maintaining your high standards of professional excellence
  • continually developing your skills and knowledge; and
  • comply with the Chartered Banker Institute's Code of Professional Conduct.

To help you, achieve and sustain this, we have developed initial and continuing development programmes covering the core technical skills required of a modern banker, delivered within the context of ethical, customer-focused professionalism.

If you would like some guidance on picking the right route to Chartered Banker status for you, take a look at our routes to membership FAQs.


Find a route to Chartered Banker status through: 

About Membership


Membership of the Chartered Banker Institute forms a solid base for a successful career in banking and financial services.


Our Qualifications

Our flexible framework of professional qualifications is designed with you in mind. Each level of study instils the concepts of ethical professionalism and develops core banking skills.

Chartered Banker by Experience

Chartered Banker by Experience

Designed for experienced banking professionals who wish to gain Chartered Banker status


IIBF Professional Conversion Programme – JAIIB

Junior Associates of the Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) are now eligible to have their qualification recognised by the Chartered Banker Institute and attain Associate Chartered Banker through a Professional Conversion Programme.

IIBF Professional Conversion Programme

IIBF Professional Conversion Programme – CAIIB

Candidates who have completed the CAIIB qualification will be eligible to have their qualification recognised by the Chartered Banker Institute.

Chartered Banker MBA

Chartered Banker MBA

Extend your knowledge and understanding to acquire the skills to cope with the ever-evolving financial services industry.