Lynne Burns as Vice-Chair

  • 4 July 2019
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  Lynne Burns as Vice-Chair

Lynne Burns as Vice-Chair

Institute Advocates

This initiative, imagined at the outset of 2019, is a key strand of the Institute’s thought-leadership strategy.  It involves inviting Fellows, senior bankers and other thought-leaders to offer opinion on the topics of Ethical Banker, Sustainable Banker and Future / Digital Banker or the overall theme of banking professionalism.

Over the coming months, the following platforms will be used to communicate the voice of Institute advocates:

  • Blogs
  • Website
  • Chartered Banker Magazine
  • YouTube Channel
  • Podcast page
  • Social Media channels, primarily Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • Advocates own Social Media
  • Banks’ internal social media channels and/or internal communications.

We are delighted to have Lynne BurnsHead of HR at HSBC UK, as our first advocate of the Chartered Banker Institute. Watch Lynne talk about her plans in her new role as Vice-Chair and Vice-President, and the fundamentals of professionalism in banking.