Managing the Customer Experience

  • 4 May 2017
  • Customer Experience | Video
  Managing the Customer Experience

Managing the Customer Experience

Watch experts discuss how banks can go beyond customer “satisfaction” to create the best possible customer “experience”.

Restoring public trust is an ongoing priority for the UK’s banking industry. It acts as a catalyst for reform across regulation, business systems and processes, company culture - and customer experience.

Institutions must prove that they are not just self-serving, but truly have the needs and interests of the customer at heart. Prior to the global financial crisis, ‘customer-centricity’ might have been a mere marketing catchphrase to entice new customers, but banks are increasingly recognising it as business critical.

At this round table event, our panel of industry experts discussed the key role of customer experience in rebuilding trust in the industry and asks how banks can go above and beyond customer ‘satisfaction’ to create the best possible customer ‘experience’.

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