How ‘direct’ does your bank need to be?

  • 9 October 2018
  • MoneyLive Webinar | Webcast | Fintech and Innovation in Banking

Assessing the need for core banking systems, digital-only channels and new entrant offers

Open banking has released a plethora of new, digitally-driven challengers. Some might say that this is the resurgence of the former “direct” bank, whereby digital and mobile-only channels can fuel advanced growth and help avoid channel conflict. 

But this isn’t just siloed to new challengers; incumbents can benefit from a ‘direct bank’ approach as it’s been proven by the likes of HSBC and First Direct. 

So, to what extent does a bank - both incumbent and challenger – need to be a direct one?

13 November 12 - 1pm GMT | Sign up to watch