We understand that many of our members are supported by their employers with opportunities for continuing professional development [CPD] in the workplace. In fact many members will comply with our CPD requirements from mandatory learning from their employer. For this reason we introduced the Approved Employer Scheme.

As an Approved Employer, the number of hours to be evidenced by our members employed by you would reduce significantly.

Your organisation or department could qualify for Approved Employer status if it:

  • encourages employees to develop professional judgement and ethical sensitivity
  • is committed to developing employees
  • makes development opportunities available to all employees
  • records and monitors the development activity of employees 
  • reviews and reassess the development needs of individuals on a regular basis. 

Taking part in the CPD Approved Employer Scheme means that your organisation will enjoy the benefit of:

  • an independent review every 3 years assessing the quality of the CPD activity you offer
  • benchmarking against other organisations
  • helps promote your organisation as an employer of choice.

Currently enjoying Approved Employer status are:

  • Clydesdale Bank 
  • RBS Group
  • Tesco Bank