Banks, Businesses and Brexit: Issues of trust, priorities and challenges

  • 22 May 2018
  • Webcast | Regulation & Compliance
  Banks, Businesses and Brexit: Issues of trust, priorities and challenges

Banks, Businesses and Brexit: Issues of trust, priorities and challenges

The aim of this webinar is to identify key issues of trust and priorities for banking professionals in the context of Brexit and wider cultural challenges.

It is primarily based on recent research conducted by Roger & Michelle into Brexit & Business where 236 business leaders were interviewed. It also draws upon the wider experience of the speakers in investigations of cultural issues surrounding the finance sector.

Some aspects of the issues to be discussed will be highly topical and even controversial. For example, we will discuss the extent to which banks are trusted by business customers facing the challenge of Brexit. Participants should be willing therefore to engage in critical reflection regarding business behaviour and ethical responsibility.

The overall intent of the webinar is not to provide definitive solutions, but to raise different perspectives on very challenging issues for the finance sector.


Roger Mullin has worked internationally for agencies such as the World Bank, many United Nations agencies and directly with governments. He is an Honorary Professor at Stirling University Management School.

He has addressed many audiences including a United Nations conference in Geneva. He is a former Member of Parliament, where he was a treasury spokesman and leader of a number of parliamentary campaigns relating to ethics and culture in the finance sector.

Michelle Thomson is also a former Member of Parliament where she was a member of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee, in which capacity she led the interrogation of Sir Philip Green following the collapse of BHS. After leaving parliament she was appointed Ambassador for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Business Banking. She is one of only a few western politicians to have spoken to an audience of politicians and business leaders at The Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

Roger & Michelle are founding directors of Momentous Change.