Centres of Excellence

During 2015, the Institute decided to formally recognise the high standards of degree education available for banking and related topics, through the development of the ‘Centres of Excellence’ initiative. A number of the UK’s world-class universities are offering banking-related programmes that provide an excellent fit against the characteristics defined by qualified membership with the Institute. By working to enhance the links between the Institute and academic institutions, we are seeking to help potential banking leaders of the future to develop and maintain high standards of professional competence and an appreciation of conduct issues.
The Institute has historically enjoyed strong relationships with a number of UK Universities. It has a well-established track record of blending academic and professional education and, in particular, has developed a number of arrangements to recognise banking and finance related degree programmes for further study, or specific membership grades with the Institute. 

Bangor Logo
Bangor Business School is a leading teaching and research focused business school offering a full range of disciplines from undergraduate to doctoral level. The School is consistently ranked amongst the world’s top 25 institutions for Banking research (RePEc, as of August 2016). Our relationship with Bangor Business School has led to the unique and innovative Chartered Banker MBA. As a leading research organisation specialising in the banking sector our members also benefit from articles, events and other resources developed by the Bangor team. As a Chartered Banker Centre of Excellence, we have accredited their MA and MSc Banking and Finance Programmes, along with the Chartered Banker MBA

Edinburgh Logo
University of Edinburgh Business School enjoys a long tradition of teaching and research. The School offers undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and executive development programmes in business and management and provides a platform for research, discussion and debate on a wide range of business issues. University of Edinburgh Business School produces theory-led, practical research that addresses challenges faced by businesses, public organisations, regulatory bodies, and policy-makers. Its MSc Banking and Risk Programme is accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute. 

Leeds Logo
Leeds University Business School is one of the leading business and management institutions, producing and disseminating high quality research, which increases knowledge, skills and understanding. As a business school, Leeds endeavours to enable individuals to develop their academic potential, their employability, their global and cultural insight and their ethical awareness to enhance their potential to benefit business and society. The Chartered Banker Institute has accredited their MSc in Banking and International Finance programme.