Hear from previous winners, finalists and contestants about the wide range of benefits that you can experience if you apply for Young Banker of the Year 2022. 


"I am honoured to have been named this year’s Young Banker of the Year. The competition has given me a unique platform to help raise awareness of Domestic Abuse, an often-taboo topic which impacts significant numbers of people. It has allowed me to propose and implement practical steps which will improve the financial lives of sufferers and survivors. I truly believe that my idea will help bring positive change and make a real difference for people when they’re most vulnerable."

“If you have an idea, just apply. I was hesitant to apply at first but I’m so glad I did. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This competition is a brilliant opportunity–go for it!” 
Rosie Lyon, 2021 Winner

“I have found every stage in the process has taught me something new. So even if you only have the seeds of an idea, go for it and see what you can learn along the way. My idea really developed from a spark to something much more detailed, as I worked through the process.I’ve really enjoyed every step of the way. I’ve used this competition as an opportunity to talk to some really interesting people and learn more about the challenges our customers face every day. The real highlight for me has been the opportunity to develop that understanding and bring it to my day-to-day work."
Edward Sants, 2021 Finalist

“No matter your experience or qualifications, your ideas are still important; they will help shape the future of the banking industry. The competition has also allowed me to learn many new things across different areas within my organisation, spending time discussing new concepts with colleagues from other areas. It’s a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself, to develop your skills, and make connections.” 
James Houston, 2021 Finalist

“I am incredibly proud to be a Finalist of this year’s competition. For me personally, I see it as the greatest achievement of my career so far. It has been a really challenging but inspiring process."

"I have for many years perceived the competition to be the pinnacle of what you could achieve as a Young Banker. I never thought I would get past the first round, let alone into the final stage. It’s a truly incredible experience and that can raise your profile, hone your skillset and instil an innovative and creative way of thinking that you can use to change the world and your career going forward.” 
Matthew Nimbley, 2021 Finalist

"I am delighted the judges have bought into my vision and selected me as winner of this prestigious competition. The principles for responsible banking aim to help the banking industry make a positive contribution to society. This is what I’ve set out to achieve with my proposal of a financial solution for people living with serious injury and severe medical conditions. I am positive that this will help further the conversation for offering focused banking solutions to this under-served segment and also highlight the wider societal benefits to be derived from serving this vulnerable sector. I’d like to thank the Chartered Banker Institute for giving me and the other contestants a platform to voice our ideas on how to improve the future of our industry."
Tippie Malgwi, 2020 Winner

“My experience with the competition was amazing from start to finish. It has benefited me in a number of ways, including improving my confidence and public speaker, and also given me exposure to senior leaders in my organisation.”
Sarah Walker, 2019 Winner 

“It's an honour to have won this year's competition. I wanted to develop an idea to make saving easy and achievable for vulnerable customers, which will reduce worries they have about money. It's a privilege for such experienced judges to see the potential of the idea, giving it weight as we continue to innovate within Lloyds Banking Group to help Britain Prosper.”
Alistair Gilfillan, 2018 Winner

“The competition gave me the confidence and exposure within the business to push forward projects.”
Ian Humphreys, Finalist, 2017

“It was a real honour to present my idea for financial inclusion to so many industry experts”
Joanna Finlay, Winner, 2017

“The benefits , both tangible and intangible, that are available through the process are tremendous.”
Amy Clarke, Finalist, 2017

“The competition helped to enhance my credibility and demonstrate my potential to be a part of the change.”
Mithil Shah, Semi-finalist, 2017

“It is a huge sense of achievement and it was an honour to be given the opportunity to present my idea to some of the industry’s most influential figures.”
Bernard Adjei, Winner 2016

“I’ve grown in confidence with every stage of the competition and this has helped me when talking to senior stakeholders in my organisation or when pitching for and successfully winning new clients off the back of the Young Banker competition.”
Liam Gover, 2016 Finalist

“The exposure I’ve had to, and recognition I’ve had from, senior members of my organisation has been invaluable and will really drive my career forward.”
Ben House, Semi-Finalist 2016

“It’s helped me raise my own profile internally”
Megan Warwick, Semi-Finalist 2016