Professional Banker Certificate

PBC - Professional Banker Certificate

This is an introductory qualification that offers a foundation for individuals new to or already working in retail, business and private banking environments. It has been designed in close consultation with the banking sector. It is also appropriate for those in specialised areas such as IT, HR and Marketing who wish to gain insight into the ‘bigger picture’ of the sector they work in. There are no entry requirements so is an excellent starting point for all those wishing to embed the fundamental principles of banking and provide context to the role performed. The module you will study considers topics of critical importance to the effective performance of a professional banker, including ethical, risk, regulatory, legal, economic, and credit issues.

Key Facts

The module costs £225 which includes your first exam entry fee. Exam resits cost £130 per module.


  • 2 hr online exam comprising of 100 multiple choice questions.
  • Pass mark required is 60%.
  • Immediate exam results.

Your registration is valid for 12 months. You should sit and pass your module within this time.

In order to study the Professional Banker Certificate you must become a member of the Institute.

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What our members think...

" I'm so happy I did the [Professional Banker] Certificate, it's definitely provided me with a better insight into the world of banking. "

PBC holder

Employee from a large international bank, London

The Professional Banker Certificate is attained by completing the Professional Banker module. View the module specification for further information:   Professional Banker    

The Professional Banker Certificate covers the following key areas:

  • Ethics and Professionalism in Banking
  • Credit and Lending
  • The Regulatory and Legal Framework
  • The Business of Banking and the Economic Environment
  • Serving Customers
  • Risk Management in Banking
  • There are no formal entry requirements however you must be willing to put in the necessary study hours.
  • You can study this qualification whether you have joined a bank straight from education or have previous financial services knowledge and experience.
  • Work experience is helpful but not essential as all learning materials are provided as part of registration.

Achieving the Professional Banker Certificate will:

  • Show your commitment to the values, attitudes and behaviours of a Professional Banker.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of key issues in banking practice and your ability to apply these to benefit your customer and organisation.
  • Provide evidence of your investment in your career.

You will receive a comprehensive workbook to support your learning. You will also be given access to the Institute’s website where you can find more online support, including mock exams to help you revise.

View a sample of the learning material that is available to you: 
Professional Banker Certificate: The Business of Banking and the Economic Environment (Chapter 1)

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Sasha was new to the banking sector and her manager suggested that she have a look at the Institute website to see what qualifications were on offer. Sasha decided that the Professional Banker Certificate would be a good starting point as it would help develop the values, attitudes and behaviours set out in the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct. It would also help her to gain a general knowledge of banking practice and she would learn how to apply her banking knowledge and understanding, and practise her skills to enhance customer service and work performance.