Webcast: Real Integrity - Promoting integrity in organisations

  • 1 October 2019
  • Webinar
Webcast details

Webcast: Real Integrity - Promoting integrity in organisations
Presenter: Dr Jim Baxter
Webcast details: Tuesday 1st October, 12pm (GMT)

In this webcast, Dr Jim Baxter from the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre at the University of Leeds discusses how organisations can build a culture of integrity. In the first part of the presentation, Jim will address what it means to have integrity, both for an individual and for an organisation. From here, Jim will go on to consider some barriers to the successful promotion of integrity, and finally will discuss a number of ways in which employees can contribute to an ethical culture within their own organisation. The webcast will draw on insights from academic ethics, and also on a substantial piece of research, involving 92 interviews in 15 different UK organisations, which Jim carried out in 2012. The webcast will be interactive and practically focused, concentrating on methods which participants can use in their own organisation.

Dr Jim Baxter is an academic consultant working at the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre at the University of Leeds. Jim manages the IDEA Centre’s training, consultancy and applied research portfolio, providing ethical review and consultancy services, training and continuing professional development, as well as applied research, to a wide range of organisations including professional bodies, public bodies and private sector businesses. He recently completed his PhD on the moral responsibility of psychopaths.

Jim is the main researcher and author of the report Real Integrity: Practical solutions for organisations seeking to promote and encourage integrity.

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