Webcast: Realisation and Self-Determination

  • 18 June 2020
  • Webinar
Webcast Details

In this webcast delivered by the award winning Learning & Development company, ABSTRACT, we will explore Realisation and the fulfilment of your personal and career potential. Knowing what you want, when you want it and how to get it for yourself! Realisation in this context is the awakening of our ambitions. It moves our deep embedded thoughts into consciousness. It creates awareness of our capability and establishes where we are now. If nurtured, it can form our immediate or longer-term reality. Self-determination is the applied control to our realisation. It is our unique motivation that continuously drives us towards personal growth and fulfilment.

ABSTRACT will take participants on an intelligent and interactive journey, beginning with an in-depth look at WHY this is important, demonstrating HOW through examples and real life stories and culminating with establishing the WHAT for each of your own personal and career goals for you to take away and action. We ask ‘If not now, when and if not you, then who?

We are delighted to have two ABSTRACT directors delivering this webcast: 

Andy Nicol, CEO 
Andy is a former Scotland International Rugby Union player and captain, who also appeared on two British & Irish Lions tours. He now works with BBC Sport and he is CEO of ABSTRACT, an award winning learning and development company specialising in leadership, diversity & inclusion and decision making. ABSTRACT's Accelerate Programme, which recently won the Diversity Initiative of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards in Dublin, has so far helped over 2000 women in Scotland, England, Ireland and worldwide to develop and manage their careers.

Andy's leadership credentials include being Captain of both his Club and Country before transitioning from elite sport to the media and business worlds, mastering new and often challenging environments as he has journeyed from the changing room to the green room to the board room. Andy has received an Honorary Doctor of Arts from the University of Abertay to compliment his business degree. His communication and presentation skills are world class, as is his understanding of what it takes to lead, be led and operate at the
highest level.

David Nikolich, MD of ABSTRACT

David is founder and Managing Director of ABSTRACT, an award winning learning and development company operating with a number of global brands internationally. He has had extensive professional experience over the years, leading and driving businesses, ensuring that they have the right people, exuding the right behaviours and within the right environment, for the benefit of the Organisation’s goals and objectives.

David has developed a highly-regarded reputation for his commercial acumen that has delivered superior and sustainable results for many organisations over more than two decades. Key to these successes is his deep understanding of human potential and how to realise our innate ability to deliver top results at the highest levels.  Having had previous Corporate board experience, he currently sits on the board of ABSTRACT. He is also on the advisory board of Land Rover and is a former Committee member of the Prince’s Trust.

Date & Schedule

Thursday 18th June

12.00pm BST 


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