Our CEO, Simon Thompson discusses why the Institute continues to support young bankers. 

As the UK’s professional body for bankers, the Chartered Banker Institute's aim is to enhance and sustain high ethical and professional standards in banking, supported by positive, customer-focused values, attitudes and behaviours.
Prudence, professionalism and stewardship are at the heart of these, and the Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year competition showcases individuals who embody these qualities, acting as role-models to their colleagues and peers, leading by example, and flying the flag for new generations of socially-purposeful bankers. Bankers that our industry can be truly proud of, and bankers that our customers can have confidence and trust in. Bankers who are the future leaders of a re-established and re-vitalized banking profession.
The Young Banker of the Year competition seeks to highlight the contribution of one individual with the potential to lead positive, customer-focused change, as judged by a distinguished panel of industry figures. The challenge set for candidates is designed to test their capacity to generate new ideas, drive innovation and sustainable growth, and enhance confidence, trust and pride in the banking industry by submitting a business proposal on the following topic:

 “What idea would you implement in your own organisation to improve outcomes for customers and some, or all, of the following groups: colleagues, counterparties, communities and the organisation you work for?

Your idea should place the customer and their needs at the heart of the business and reflect your vision for the future of UK banking.”

I know from meeting many of the Institute's 30,000 members that there are many young bankers in banks, building societies and credit unions across the UK who have great ideas they're keen to share.

Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson

Chartered Banker Institute | Chief Executive


Simon Thompson was appointed Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute in 2007 after working for a number of international professional bodies and standard-setters.  He is a Fellow of the Institute and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 

Simon is the author of Green & Sustainable Finance: Principles and Practice, published by Kogan Page (www.koganpage.com/product/principles-and-practice-of-green-finance-9781789664546).  He chairs the UK’s Sustainable Finance Education Charter on behalf of the Department for Net Zero and Energy Security and is a Board member of the UK’s Financial Services Skills Commission (FSSC). Simon is a former Vice President of the European Bank Training Network. 

Simon was awarded Honorary Doctorates by Bangor University (2022) and BPP University (2015) for his contribution to banking, business and education. 







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